Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sending summer off in style

In less than a week summer will be (unofficially) over. I'm still not sure where it went. Last weekend we went to a friend's cabin in Crosslake and had one of the best weekends of the summer. I've always been a procrastinator, why not do the same with fun summer weekends? (Note: There were lots of other fun summer memories. That's just a post for another time).

I worked a half day Friday and Sean and I drove up mid-afternoon. We had the "brilliant" idea to stop at the casino on the way. It set us back about a half hour and $75. Dumb idea.

After we finally made it to the cabin, I was in heaven. There's something so calming about the fresh northern air coming off the lake, the breeze through the trees.

We took the boat out for a quick trip around the lake while we waited for others to arrive. Most people were stopping for dinner on their way up, so we went to town and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Slowly friends began to arrive and soon we were sipping chilled wine (and beer for the boys, of course). A game of Categories was played and let me just say - hilarity ensued. Just imagine ending every sentence you say with "in my pants." Mature, I know, right? But seriously, hilarious.

Once the final weekend guests had arrived we piled in the pontoon and made our way to the other side of the lake. We spent a good few hours at Moonlite Bay, a favorite hot spot for the locals, the visitors, and especially our friends. At some point I ended up propped against the grimy bathroom wall enthralled in girl talk with our friends Claire and Ashley for at least 20 minutes. Disgusting - but I guess that's the only place quiet enough for conversation in a bar like that!

By 2 a.m. we were crawling in our bed and thankful for it. I don't think I've been awake past midnight in months. Have I mentioned that I'm old? The funny part is, Sean will tease me for being "old" - a right he apparently earned simply by being born 3 years later than me - yet he's always the one pushing for early bedtime!

The next day was glorious. Another slice of heaven in the form of sunny skies, refreshing lake water, boats, laughter, and good food. We headed out in two boats shortly after noon and didn't return until well after dinner time. Crosslake is part of a large chain of lakes, so we lake-hopped a bit and settled in a small bay ideal for wakeboarding and dropping the anchor.

The sumo tube was a hit - if only because you couldn't help but laugh when this guy puts it on and waves to passing boaters. Only one person actually used the sumo tube for it's original purposes, and after watching him flop around wildly, heading face first into the water behind a speeding boat, I had no intentions of trying it myself.

By dinner time we made our way back and stopped at the Wharf - a fun restaurant right on the water. We ate on the patio and soaked in the last bit of high daylight.

Knowing my obsession with photographs, Sean was a TROOPER this weekend. I don't think he even flinched when I requested a photo of us. This is just one of dooozzzeens from this weekend alone!

Being that we were in separate boats, the speed boat crew beat us to the dock by a long shot. The four of us on the pontoon onloaded a stack of towels, two coolers, and various other crap and loaded it into the golf cart to head back to the cabin. As we rounded the corner of the cabin, everyone else began launching water balloons in our direcion (an unfair war they'd been waging on the water all day). Quite frankly we were tired of it. We had no ammo to fight back with, and we were unprepared and had our arms full of everything from the boat (including expensive cameras that would surely be broken if the balloons hit their mark).

We took the first corner of the garage with a bit too much speed (anger can make you a leadfoot), and Sean and I (we were riding on the back with 2 coolers) started to fall off. As he took the last corner, again at a high rate of speed for our little golf cart, all was lost. I fell first, landing hard on my back, elbow, and wrists (I should know by now not to put my hands down to catch myself!). I laid there crying quietly, afraid to open my eyes, but I heard everyone gathering around me. What a sight I must have been! Skirt flipped up, sprawled out on the concrete, everything that was in my hands scattered around me. Someone gently pulled my skirt back down, a sweet gesture given that at any other moment, I probably would've been much more self conscious, swim suit or not. When I finally began to get up I realized that Sean had fallen off, too. His injuries were much more badass...a few scrapes down the side of his leg. All I had to show was a headache, sore back, and a few minor scrapes on my palms and elbow. Yet I was the one crying? How strange and different for me!

In the end it was funny - a minor incident that was slightly ironic given that we joked earlier in the weekend that Sean shouldn't be allowed on the golf cart after an incident last summer - a story for another time). Our friends cleaned us up, slapped on a couple bandaids, and we got some dum-dum suckers for our trip to the "doctor." All was well.

The rest of the night was surprisingly calm. Most people laid around quietly. We played a few card games and headed to bed rather early.

The next morning we prepared a huge breakfast and by the time everyone had eaten, we were stuffed and sad to leave. We finished cleaning up the cabin, loaded our things into our respective cars, and hit the road for the 3 hour drive home.

In all, it was a pretty uneventful weekend, but by far one of the best of the summer. I don't know if it's the northwoods air, the company of good friends, or the mental state of being away from home for a few days, but it was the perfect way to send summer off in my book!