Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's been one of those days....

Yes, indeed, I’ve had one of those days. Thankfully, this was a rather mellow version of “one of those” days but enough to at least be comical (after the fact, or course).

On my way to the bus stop this morning I remembered I had a meeting this afternoon in which we were supposed to work on posters for our upcoming retreat. As the “leader” of one of the posters I realized I should probably come prepared, so I quickly ran to the store and armed myself with construction paper and markers.

I headed back to the bus stop, running a bit late, and park and rush to the stop. As I’m standing there reading my emails, I wonder to myself if I forgot my phone in the car. I look down the road to see how close the bus is and wonder if I have time to run across the street to look for my phone. I begin to cross when I realize it – duh! My phone, yes the one I was checking my email on while having this very thought, was in my hand! I think this should have been my red flag for the day. Needless to say I turned around and successfully boarded the bus in time.

I made it to work just fine and then, during our standard morning meeting, the heel on my shoe broke. The bottom part of it fell right off, while just SITTING there. Of course it does! Lucky for me I keep a generous stash of shoes in my cabinet.

The middle part of my day was mostly cloudy – changes in our department, lots of meetings, and just plain busy.

I headed home around 4:30 and settled in on the bus to decompress with my book. I was zipping right through, barely noticing the traffic we were stuck in and before I know it my regular stop was approaching. I hopped off, turned to cross the street to my car, and it’s nowhere to be found.

I began running through the scenarios in my head. Did I get towed? Did Sean move it as a joke, as he’s often teased he would? And then I remembered...I didn’t park in my usual spot, because I was running late this morning!!!

So I turn to walk the 8 blocks back to where my car was actually parked. Meanwhile my feet begin to hurt and blister because I was wearing a pair of shoes I didn’t plan on wearing, and if I had, I would’ve worn socks!

Hey, at least everything came full circle - the broken shoe, being late this morning - all contributors to this wonderful day!

Thankfully, I made it safely to the deli to pick up dinner and quickly recovered with pajamas and a yummy meal (not the greasy, fatty comfort food I would normally go for after a day like today – thankfully Sean talked me out of that one!). The good news is that tomorrow is Friday and we have fun things to do this weekend. It’s been a long day – a long week – and I’m ready for a break!!

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