Tuesday, September 28, 2010

License to drive

Today my not-so-little-anymore little brother got his driver’s license. Scary.

Not scary because of his driving abilities. In fact, he’s a far better driver than I was at his age. I still don’t even know how I passed on the first try. But it’s scary because that makes me feel old.

I remember when my mom told me she was pregnant with my brother.  I was 10 years old and we went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I was so excited to learn I was going to have a brother or sister. I immediately ran outside to call a friend and tell her the exciting news.  

I don’t remember tons from my mom’s pregnancy. I do remember when she was put on bed rest though. It was the end of summer and I was mad that my mom couldn’t do anything. I remember once screaming “I might as well be on bed rest too!” What a selfish drama queen I was.

The day he was born was so exciting. I got to miss school to be at the hospital. When he finally arrived I was downright giddy, but I was too nervous to hold him. A bunch of family came to visit and we went to a restaurant near the hospital for dinner. It wasn’t until we returned and everyone began leaving that I finally took my first turn holding him. And instantly I fell in love!

My brother was almost as much my pride and joy as he was my moms. I made her bring him to school for show and tell. I dressed him up (sometimes like a girl – sorry Charlie!). I took a million pictures. And even though I usually whined every time I had to babysit, I was excited to have a baby to play with whenever I wanted. I even remember a particularly hideous picture of the two of us dressed alike, which at the time was adorable and is now completely embarrassing. (Imagine my excitement when 3 years later I got another sibling – a sister!)

So like any siblings we’ve had moments where we drove each other crazy, but my brother has a heart of gold and I love him for it. It's fun to see how much better we get along now that we're both getting older. Now he towers over me, he's in high school, he can drive a car! Hard to believe it’s been 16 years since that day at United Hospital when I held him for the first time. It may make me feel old but also excited to see the young man that’s growing up before me.

Congrats again and happy (belated) birthday little brother!

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