Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The secret to fashion - for a 13-year-old

I finally learned the secret to the hairstyle so popular among teenage girls around here. Too bad it's just a few years too late.

In high school, I remember so many girls who would wear their hair in an adorably messy ponytail/bun and I could never, for the life of me, replicate it with my own mane. I had pretty much given up hope.

Fast forward almost 10 years (or more if you count my early high school years) and enter my 13-year-old sister.

We were in the car on our way out to dinner the other night and from the backseat (yes, somehow she got front seat over her sister twice her age) I noticed the all-too-familiar hairstyle.

I immediately demanded she share the secret. Does it take 2 ponytail holders? Bobby pins? I mean, they make it look so effortless!

Clearly this is something I’ve spent too much time fretting about.

Sure enough she pulls her hair down, tells me to follow her lead, and in a matter of seconds her hair is back in the ridiculously cute rats nest (oxymoron?) at the top of her head.

It was like learning to tie my shoe. It took a few tries but I nailed it, and I was so excited! I wanted to wear shoes that tie—err, I mean my hair in a messy ponytail—everyday!

But then I remembered that I’m not a 13-year-old girl. Far from it in fact. And that’s fine, you don’t have to be a teenager to sport this style, but if you’re not one, it’s probably wise to at least do it in moderation. At least not the less sophisticated messy bun version – there’s plenty more polished looks in style these days. And let's face it, unlike girls like my sister, when I'm decked out in my baggy clothes, ugg boots, and messy hair, it's not called stylish, it's called frumpy.

So now I find myself resisting the urge to pull my hair up into this messy delight at work, because while it may be cute, it’s not exactly professional. And even though I don’t always act like it, I am a grown up and I’m pretty sure they expect me to act like it—and look like it—while I’m here.

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