Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Two fabulous days at Target Field

For the past two days, my colleagues and I were hunkered down at Target Field for a department retreat (something they hope will become an annual tradition). I was a bit unsure of everything they had in store for us, but it turned out to be a really great experience.

In addition to the content of the retreat being great, it was pretty cool that it was at Target Field. The first day was sunny and cool, so we spent as many of our breaks as possible checking out the view from the stadium seats. We even recognized Justin Morneau running laps of the outfield to keep in shape while the team is in Chicago attempting to increase our lead in the division. Today was rainy and chilly so we didn’t get outside much, but the atmosphere of the stadium was energizing nonetheless.

Today they also surprised us by inviting us to go on a stadium tour. Despite the rain, we got to go on the field and in the dugout, as well as all the indoor greatness like the visitor’s clubhouse, champions club, and various shrines to Twins history.

Just a few of the photos I took on the tour :

Justin Morneau working out on the field:

Visitor's dugout

View of the field from the dugout:

Visitor's clubhouse. They also have a full kitchen (with a personal chef) and all sorts of coolers and shelves full of snacks and beverages.

Calling for relief :)

All in all, it was a great couple of days, and not just because of the venue. I’m genuinely excited to be part of a company like this. Even more, I’m excited to be part of a department and team full of great people!

The next two days will probably be busy with catch-up after two days out of the office, but I can see the weekend just around the corner and that’s all the motivation I need!

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