Monday, October 25, 2010


Weekends are too short. The end.

Ok, that’s not really the end of this post, but it probably should be. I always feel like Monday morning comes much too soon.

This weekend we learned that the brother of one of Sean’s best friends died on Friday night. It is horribly sad and there simply aren’t words to describe how sorry I am for their loss.

You would think that as someone whose experienced loss enough in her life, I'd know by now the “right” words to say when things like this happen. First of all, I don’t know that such words even exist. And second of all, whether the person who died is someone I’ve met once or a thousand times, it never gets easier to find words of wisdom.

On Saturday night we got together with Sean’s friends, just to be there and show their support. I was telling Sean on the way home that I can’t quite explain why, but I find incredible comfort in simply being together in times like this. We didn’t do anything profound on Saturday--nothing we don’t already do when we all get together. But the simple act of being together moves me. And I think others feel it too. I know it meant a lot to Sean’s friend to have his buddies all show up. And I know it meant just as much for each of them to be there.

So this week I send my thoughts and prayers to their family and all families who are grieving the loss of someone, whether it’s been 2 days or 20 years.

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