Saturday, November 6, 2010

This week we discovered a problem

Let me back up. A couple of weeks ago Sean pulled his work belt out of the closet in our first-floor spare bedroom and found that his mace case was full of dog food. It was very strange. We couldn't figure out how in the world the case, which had been in the closet for a few months, could possibly have been filled with food. We passed it off, thinking maybe some food had spilled in the closet or something.

Then, earlier this week, I noticed one morning that Oliver's food bowl was empty. I knew that it had been full when we went to bed the morning before. And Oliver sleeps with us, in our closed bedroom, so I also knew it was nearly impossible that he had time to eat it. When I brought it up to Sean, he thought it was weird, but figured there had to be some reason.

Then on Thursday night, I was watching TV in our bedroom when Sean came upstairs with his boots in hand. As I peared over the side of the bed, I noticed they were full - to the top - with dog food! We looked at each other in shock. We were completely perplexed. I instantly thought we had a ghost. And we don't even believe in ghosts!!

I called my mom and she agreed that it was strange, and said at least it was a funny ghost! Sean called his mom and she brought us back to our sanity with a much more logical explanation - we must have a critter. So I went downstairs and started pulling things out of that closet. Sure enough, I found another pair of shoes stuffed with dog food. And not far behind it? Mouse poop!

We had solved the mystery but instantly created a problem I absolutely dread! I hate mice. Hate them so much that every time I think about them a shiver goes down my spine. I am disgusted and not looking forward to getting rid of these critters. Busy critters at that! I don't even want to think about how many there could be.

Sometimes the "joys" of owning a home are more than I can handle!

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