Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Top 10

This past week we got the season’s first snowfall. And what a snowfall it was. It seems to me that we got enough for it to probably stick around for the long-haul, which means we probably won’t be seeing our lawn again for quite a few months.

I’ve mentioned it before but I’m not a huge fan of winter. I don’t particularly enjoy putting on a coat every time I leave the house. And I certainly don’t like paying an arm and a leg in heating costs. And let’s not mention what the cold air does to my skin, my hair, and let’s be honest, my mood most days, too.

But, I live in Minnesota. In fact, I love Minnesota. I’ll probably never move out of the city limits of St. Paul, and that’s not just a prediction, it’s a dream. Since I’m not going to be relocating any time soon, it’s time to grin and bear it.

So I’m trying to start this winter season off on a positive note. What are the good things about winter?
  1. No yard work (except for shoveling). Who am I kidding? Sean is amazing and does 99% of the yard work anyway. But not having it looming over our heads is kind of nice anyway. 
  2.  Boots. I’ve not yet mastered the Uggs-over-the-jeans look, and my terrible balance makes for a bit of challenge when trying to slip my boots on before rushing out the door. But…their cozy warmth makes my feet very happy all winter long.
  3. My birthday! It falls in February, the perfect point to break up the winter months – shortly after Christmas and just before spring begins peaking through. I’m not quite to the age where I dread birthdays yet, so this stays on my winter positives list. Some day it will likely cross over to the other side.
  4. Christmas. For too many reasons that are far too complicated to explain, in the last few years Christmas has had a less-than-exciting feel to it for me sometimes. But, it’s always been my favorite time of year. So I try really hard to still get in the spirit every once in a while. And all it usually takes is some good Christmas music. Case in point: I was driving home from work last night and a good Christmas song was playing. Seeing the lights on the bare trees in our tiny little neighborhood “shopping village” made me feel a little cozy inside. It’s times like that when I feel excited about Christmas and winter.
  5. Hockey. I love to watch hockey – professional, high school, whatever. My brother and sister both play, so I get my fair share of hockey exposure all winter long.
  6. Comfy clothes. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day of work and putting on sweatpants and a baggy old sweatshirt. It instantly puts my mind at ease. And it’s certainly a lot less enjoyable in the warmer months.
  7. St. Patrick’s Day! It’s true that it comes at the end of winter, but it’s still technically winter, so it has to count. And what a great holiday it is!
  8. Candles. I L-O-V-E burning candles that fill the whole house with delicious, wintery aromas.
  9. I feel a little less guilty on nights when I decide to go to bed at 8:00, because hey—at least it’s dark outside (and with that reasoning, I could go to  bed at 5:00 if I wanted to!).
  10. When you really sit back and look at it, the snow is often really pretty. The way it falls lightly over the streets and dusts the tree tops. That is, when you’re not too busy cursing at the messy roads it creates and the shoveling it requires.
So there you have it – at least 10 reasons I can enjoy winter. What about you? What do you enjoy about this time of year?

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