Monday, December 27, 2010

A shy girl goes public

A few months back I was sitting at home paging through the latest issue of Shape magazine. As a subscriber, it’s been a longtime favorite of mine, especially as I’ve gotten more in shape (no pun intended) in recent years. So when that issue had a tiny little call for real weight loss success stories, I decided to throw my story out there, just for fun.

See I tend to be a pretty shy person, so it surprises me still today that I even submitted my information, but I apparently discovered some confidence that day. I thought very little of it as time passed. But then, about a month later, I got an email from an editorial assistant at the magazine. They requested some more info and I obliged. Over the next couple of weeks I continued to communicate back and forth with various people on their editorial staff. They asked if I would be part of a 6-person feature story they were going to run in their January issue.

I grew more and more nervous but agreed, and things progressed pretty quickly. Within 2 weeks they had interviewed me and had sent a photographer and makeup/hairstylist to my house. Then, just last week, the magazine hit newsstands. It’s very strange to see my face—and my “before” picture—in a magazine as widely known as Shape. I was honored to be featured in it. I almost feel like a fraud sometimes, like my story isn’t worthy. But it is real. And looking back at before pictures reminds me of how far I’ve come, especially on days when I start to doubt it.

Their PR staff also pitches stories like those in their January issue to local news outlets, so our neighborhood paper ran a small story recapping the Shape article. And tomorrow, I’m having my photo taken for a story they’re planning to run in the Star Tribune. For whatever reason, the pictures make me the most nervous. So to be honest – I’m most looking forward to having that part over with.

But shy or not – I got myself into this. And people have been so nice about it. No one looks at it with as critical an eye as myself. Most people are simply happy for me, proud of me, and excited for me. So thank you to everyone who has done that. You made this experience much more enjoyable, because you showed me that putting yourself out there for the world to see isn’t as scary as it seems. And maybe that’s a good trial run for seeing my name in print more often in the future (maybe behind the words this time). A girl can dream!

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  1. I tried sending you an E-Mail but it came back as undeliverable. Apparently your E-Mail address has changed. I happened to be reading the recent issue of the Highland Villager and ran across the article on you regarding you weight loss. I just wanted to congratulate you on your success. I know first hand the commitment it takes to succeed at this. You should be very proud of your achievement.

    I hope you had a good Christmas and best to you in the New Year!