Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes, it's the small things in life!

I’ve always considered myself lucky that on days where I just can’t will myself to put on dress pants, I can slap on a casual day sticker and wear jeans to work. Even when those days occur more than once a week.

So while we already have a good amount of freedom in what we wear to work—at least in our department—I still find myself overjoyed when HR announces extended casual dress. We get casual dress all summer long. And now, they’re giving us casual dress for the rest of the year. Granted, it’s only about a week and a half (and for me 3 days, since I’m out the week after Christmas), but it still makes me extremely happy.

What is it about wearing jeans, or not wearing jeans, that makes such a difference? Honestly…I can’t answer that question. But I will say that our company sure knows a few simple ways to make their employees happy! And it's much appreciated!

So a pleasant surprise on this Friday morning as we near the end of a very long week. I'm very happy to have the weekend upon us. We have our annual Christmas party with our friends tonight, my friend Amy’s wedding tomorrow (and my extended family Christmas in between), and some final Christmas shopping on Sunday. Followed by a 3-day work week and then 11 days off – I think I can handle it.

So here’s where I am: Trying to think positive thoughts. Sending prayers for good news for many people anxiously awaiting it. And hoping for a happy, healthy, and safe Christmas for everyone. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Happy Friday!

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