Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Wednesday Top 10

The thermometer may say it’s 19 degrees out, but the wind makes it feel much colder. When I was leaving the grocery store tonight, the cashier wished me a good night and said, “Go home and hug a radiator.” If I had a radiator—I probably would have done it. It’s cold out there.

So I’m happy to be home, snuggled up on my couch, blanket draped over my lap, PJs on, and a full tummy!

Which brings me to this week’s Top 10. My favorite weekday dinners.

I am so far from a good cook that my idea of an elaborate dinner is anything that requires a stove or an oven. But I’m trying. I actually really like to cook—I’m just not that great at it. So most of our weekly dinners around here are much of the same and are certainly nothing to brag about. But they fulfill our picky-eater tastes, are usually relatively reasonable in terms of nutrition, and best of all, they’re easy!

Our favorites as of late:
  1. Whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce and chicken (we probably have this at least once a week)
  2. Homemade pizzas with tortilla shells as the crust (one of Sean's dad's famous recipes - delish!)
  3. Breakfast (nothing like a.m. food to fill you up in the p.m.)
  4. "Grandma's Chicken" (not from either of our grandmas, but from a friend's grandma. Chicken breast covered in swiss cheese, cream of chicken soup, and bread crumbs served over brown rice)
  5. Tacos (made with ground turkey instead--a common substitute for lots of typically ground beef dishes in this house)
  6. Turkey burgers on the grill (though this is more of a warmer-season meal)
  7. Mrs. Grass Soup (with dumplings and saltines, and sometimes a grilled cheese...mmmmm)
  8. Pot roast (anything I can put in a crockpot and leave alone for 8 hours is high on my list)
  9. Quesadillas (compliments of our nifty quesadilla-maker: a black Friday '09 steal!)
  10. Ravioli (so simple, so good)
So there you have it. We probably have these things 95% of the time, so if you have great recipes to share - please do!

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