Monday, January 24, 2011

Finding inspiration

I enjoy blogging (uh, obviously! Why else would I do it?). But one of my very favorite parts of the blogosphere is reading other blogs. I find such inspiration and motivation in them. In the past week alone, I’ve come across dozens upon dozens of blogs—both big and small—of women who aren’t afraid to speak the truth, who blog about the biggest and the smallest moments of their lives, and who do it so well! I’m awed by so many of them.

Just starting to follow these blogs makes me feel part of a world that is so much bigger than little ol’ me. Not one of them knows who I am, but I’m honored to be among their readers. And look forward to, hopefully, one day becoming a member of these communities that seem to grow and flourish every single day.

One blog I came across today blew me away. I poked around a bit and came across her “Start here if you’re new” page, which encourages readers to start by reading the story of her second daughter’s birth. I was captivated. Her words are so beautiful, so raw, and so honest. They were so powerful I could practically feel the emotions she was speaking of take up residence inside of me. I encourage you to read it, too (at the link above). But I must warn you: If you’re anything like me, you’ll want a few tissues by your side before you get started.

I am amazed at the incredible people who are out there sharing their stories, their messages, their highs and lows. And yet, I’ve only tapped into the smallest fraction of it. I’m excited about where we go from here!

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