Monday, January 24, 2011

Lost and Found

For my high school graduation, I received a Claddagh ring as a gift. If you’re not familiar, the Claddagh ring is an Irish tradition. It’s symbol—two hands holding a crowned heart—is said to symbolize three things—love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).

Here is what it looks like:

Now, my ring and I have been through many ups and downs. I tend to be the queen of losing rings (why, Sean wonders, should he buy an engagement ring then?). I swear that every time I’ve lost a ring it’s because it doesn’t fit. So getting one that fits will eliminate that problem. I promise. And surely I would be 1,000 times more careful with an engagement ring. Again, I promise. But I digress.

Anyway, I’ve had many close calls with this ring in particular. Once, while working at a daycare in college, it slipped off my finger on the playground. One of the children found it a couple of days later, thank God.

Then, when Sean and I took a trip to Cozumel, Mexico, we were snorkeling in 20+ foot water and the ring slipped off because the water was so cold. A kind man who was scuba diving in the area agreed to swim to the bottom and look for it. Within a half hour, he had somehow found it among the reef at the bottom of the ocean. I was so grateful!

So when I lost some weight in the last 2 years, the ring inevitably got too big for me as well. There is said to be symbolism to what finger you wear the ring on, too, but I opted for wearing it on whichever finger it would fit. So I started wearing it on my middle finger, but it’s now gotten a little too big for that finger as well. I still wear it, of course, but I try to be extra cautious about it, especially when my hands are cold.

That brings me to last night. I looked down and realized my ring was—once again—not on my finger. I panicked. I searched my purse to see if it had fallen off while digging for something. I checked my gloves. I looked all over the bathroom. I remembered that I had put the laundry away earlier that night, so I checked every drawer. No luck.

I got ready for bed and decided to check my dresser one last time. I remembered to say a prayer to St. Anthony. “Tony, Tony, turn around, something’s lost and must be found.” As I opened the last drawer, my ring was sitting right on top!

You could chalk this up to a total coincidence, but I’d like to think my prayer was answered. Maybe it’s good luck, maybe it’s meant to be. Or maybe it’s just coincidence that I’ve been lucky enough to lose AND find this ring so many times. Either way, I think I’m really meant to keep this particular Claddagh ring. I’ve been thinking about whether to just get a new ring, or whether to have this one resized (which can sometimes be expensive). I think the answer is clear. Keep this ring.

And if it was the prayer to the Patron Saint of Lost Causes that really did work, it’s time to study up on my patron saints. I’ve got a few other prayers I wouldn’t mind having answered.

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