Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quiet around here

It’s been a pretty quiet week, but it’s moving along nicely. Tomorrow is Friday already!

Is it sad that one of the highlights of my week thus far is that they finally opened the new room of cardio equipment at the gym and every machine has its own TV on it? Ok, so most gyms probably have machines like these by now, but ours seems to always be a little behind the times. The closest we’ve come is a few stationary bikes with such a feature.

They’ve cleverly named the new room the “Cardio Theater.” I imagine the machines in there will be in high demand now, but I intend to choose them anytime they are available. You can plug your iPod right into the machine, or your headphones to listen to the TV. There are many more stations to choose from than the ones broadcast on the big screens at the gym. HGTV? Check! E!? Check! TBS? Check? And that’s only to name a few.

Why do I care about TBS you ask? Because when I’m on the treadmill at 6 a.m. I love the mindless entertainment of the Saved by the Bell reruns.

So there you have it—the excitement in my life. Goes to show what this week has had in store for me.

But tonight I’ll watch my brother’s high school hockey team take on my alma mater, so that will be fun. And tomorrow is Friday, followed by a 3-day weekend. So I’m feeling pretty good right now!

Today at work we kicked off a project that has some deadlines in April and May. How glorious it was to see those months pop up! It reminds me that spring is indeed in the future for us. It may take a few more months of snow and cold but we’ll get there, and thank goodness. I’m tired of it already!

Hope everyone is having a great week. Happy Friday-eve!

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