Monday, January 31, 2011

Role models

In the world of professional athletes, certainly there are the good guys and the bad guys. We often hear the stories of the bad guys—the ones who get in trouble with the law or can’t keep their bad behavior under control. Sometimes there will be a heartwarming story (most often the result of publicity stunts) of the good work and generous hearts of the "good guys". I know that many more athletes than we may be aware of are probably out there using their position for good causes, we just may not always realize it.  

But a coworker recently shared a story with me that truly touched my heart.

A reporter from Fox6 in Milwaukee had a chance to meet Aaron Rodgers over the weekend. I knew little about him before I read this story (except for the fact that he’s the starting quarterback for a team of which I happen to be a fan). But in sharing her thoughts, this reporter gave light to an incredible man. As my coworker said, it’s merely a coincidence that he’s the quarterback for the Packers. The appeal of the story has to do with the spirit and kindness of this man, not his athletic skills or the team he plays for.

I encourage you to read it here. Bring a tissue. Go ahead, I’ll wait….


How sweet is that? It was such a simple act—a simple message—but it was so compassionate. I can only imagine what it meant to that little girl’s family. It certainly tugged at my heart strings.  

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