Monday, February 28, 2011

Thank you speech

{Via Oscars(R)}

I watched most of the Academy Awards. Did you?

I’m not always one to watch awards shows, but lately I’ve been a big fan of checking out the red carpet fashion and watching to see who wins among some very good contenders. I couldn’t believe they had 10 films in the best picture category!

Anyway, watching the awards got me to thinking. Who would I thank? I’m not an actress (nor do I aspire to be one), but I can still dream about what kind of “shout outs” I’d give if I won something. It’s kind of fun!

Of course I’d start with my mom. Quite obviously I wouldn’t be here without her. But in a figurative sense, too—I wouldn’t be anywhere without her. She may not have been ready to be a mom when I came along, but she chose me. She stood up to the challenge, didn’t back down when my father chose to do differently. And though I’m sure there were so many difficult times, she must have handled them with incredible grace and strength, because I turned out ok (heck, a little more than ok, if I do say so myself)! She is beyond amazing!

The rest of my family would definitely be included, too. My brother and sister—the kids who I remember as babies that have suddenly turned into young adults that I actually get along with now (most of the time). My grandma. My aunts, uncles, cousins.  

And of course Sean! I love when people express their heartfelt, choked-up gratitude to their partner—like Natalie Portman or Christian Bale last night. I asked Sean if he would do the same. That’s not quite his style, so I wasn’t surprised when he said no (that he wouldn’t cry and be sappy; I could at least get a mention). That is, however, my style. You know I’d be a puddle through the whole thing. But yes, Sean would get a big fat thank you for being one of the best things to ever happen to little ol’ me.

Can’t forget to mention God, for obviously answering my prayers for this hypothetical Oscar that I never wanted to win, but more importantly for blessing me with incredible people, incredible opportunities, and incredible life lessons (both good and bad).

And finally, to my friends, coworkers, and anyone who has supported me along the way—the people who believe in me when at times, I find it hard to even believe in myself. Almost everyone in my life falls into that category anyway.   

So tell me, if you were given the opportunity to stand in front of hundreds (if not more) of your peers and millions of viewers around the world, what would you say? Who would you want to thank? What is the one thing you’d want people to remember you for (probably not for dropping the F-bomb like Michelle Leo of the Fighter)?

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  1. GIRL!! Love your blog!! I clicked on your little picture after you left a comment over at my blog today, and after reading your profile, I already knew I would like you!! You write beautifully. This was a funny post, and I enjoyed it. Have a great evening!!