Monday, February 21, 2011

A trip to the mall

K-T at KT’S Refinishing School gave me the great idea to share some of my finds from this weekend’s shopping trip. Thanks KT! 

I’m far from any sort of fashonista, but like most girls I do love cute clothes—especially staples you can get lots of use out of! The difficult part of shopping at this time of year is that it’s still cold and snowy, but the stores are packed full of adorable spring clothes. I tend to shy away from paying full price for anything unless I’m absolutely in love with it, so I spent a lot of time perusing the sale racks and picking out a few things to keep an eye on as spring gets closer.

I started at Gap. It was surprisingly crowded and I was feeling impatient. I browsed a bit but didn’t find anything that was screaming my name. I thought the blouse below was cute, but didn’t love it enough to buy it on the spot.

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I also saw that they had this skirt. I have almost the exact same skirt from Gap in a much lighter gray and get lots of compliments on it!

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After Gap I went to Banana Republic. This used to be one of my very favorite stores, but it’s been quite a few months since I’ve found a lot that I loved there. It seems like their spring line has some promising choices, but I stuck mostly to the sale rack here, too. All sale items were an additional 25% off. Love a good deal!

I tried on quite a few things, narrowed it down to three, and then bought only 1. I do this a lot—talk myself out of things to make sure I’m only spending money on things that I really want or need.

I liked this t-shirt but have something similar already:

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I also liked this sweater, but they only had it in a size smaller and a size bigger than I would need. Neither looked right on me, so I passed.

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I bought this blouse. It seems like a great staple piece that I can wear now or in the spring and summer.

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The mall I was at recently opened a new (huge!) Forever 21, so after Banana I stopped in there. I’ve browsed through this store before but never bought anything. I was completely overwhelmed by how big it was and how many options there were. I looked for a while and tried a few things on, and settled on this top:

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And a sweater similar to this one (except its all charcoal gray):

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Finally, I made a quick stop at Len. I discovered this store about a year ago while walking through the skyways in downtown Minneapolis with a coworker. I’ve since found a ton of great stuff, and since everything in the store is always at least 50% off, it’s right up my alley. I’ve gotten a few gift cards to Len in the last year and put them all to good use!

This time I got just 2 things (it was my last stop of the day and I was already running late).

I got this adorable ruffled tank top—another great piece I can wear now and in warmer weather:

{Photo via Me!}
I also got another shear tank that works well under a cardigan or on its own. I’m wearing it to work tomorrow with a red cardi and gray dress pants.

{Photo via Me!}

These are just a few of my favorite stores and recent finds. Where do you like to shop?

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Kristin! I love all of your finds, especially the last two from Len. I've never heard of that store (I don't think we have them in St. Louis) but I wish we did because those tops are adorable :) Maybe I'll stalk their online catalog...