Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tune in Tuesdays

I had planned for today's lyrics before I knew that today would be the day at work. I knew that news of the layoffs would be coming soon, and chose these lyrics because I was determined to keep my head high no matter what happens this week.

I love this song, and think it offers great advice for the strength, courage, and determination women can have in the face of all sorts of adversity.

This morning we learned the fate of many people in our organization, specifically those within our department. While my job was spared, it's bittersweet, because we've lost some really great people who have worked beside us for so long. One of my dearest work buddies was let go, and I'm devastated to imagine our morning coffee runs or lunch walks without her. Somehow we'll all find a way through this. We can only hope and pray that in the end, things work out for the best. And when things get tough, as they inevitably will, we'll remember to "fight like a girl" until they turn around again, because they'll do that, too. (Don't mean to leave the men out; they can fight through it too).  


  1. Aww girl, I'm sorry you are losing so many great coworkers this week. That really sucks! I hope they all fight like girls and land some really great jobs too :)