Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The miracle of sunscreen

With the hot sun burning down on my pale Minnesota complexion the past few days, you’d think I’d look like something like a mix between a fresh lobster and a bottle of ketchup right about now. Instead, I’ve been lathering on the sunscreen and to prove it, I have the tiniest of bronze glows. Actually, I look like I never left the frozen tundra.
Then again, when I actually get back to Minnesota—the land of the frozen 10,000 lakes where spring refuses to show its face—I may feel slightly different. It’s hard to feel tan in paradise when you start with a base as white and practically translucent as mine.

But either way, I’m glad to not have battled with severe sunburn this time around. In the past, I’ve conveniently forgotten to be vigilant with my sunscreen application (or perhaps was simply more concerned with coming home with a tan than, oh I don’t know, say getting skin cancer!). I’m proud to say I’m older and wiser now and realize the importance of protecting my skin (doesn’t stop me from still wanting to come home with a nice tan, but I’m willing to sacrifice that if I have to).

The brilliant effectiveness of sunscreen has proved itself to me in the most random of places that I’ve clearly missed covering in my daily lather. A small streak on my neck. The top of only my left foot. Small strips of bright red, tender sunburn. Reminds me that the time I am spending outside would have much more unpleasant consequences if the other 97% of my body wasn’t carefully covered in some good ol’ Coppertone.

I do enjoy having a little color in my face, though. After a long winter of staring at the mirror and feeling almost sunken in, it’s nice to finally see a reflection that reminds me of warmer times. A happy medium. That’s what I’m going for I guess.

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  1. Sunblock is amazing! It always saves my kids behinds ;)
    Me...I am 1/2 hispanic so I dont it much!
    I love how you wrote that seeing a tan face reminds you of warmer times. Me too!