Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spicing up our curb appeal

Not too long ago I told you a little bit about our home. But now I have a confession to make: I’m not in love with the curb appeal. The siding is pretty old (and I’m not loving the color). The plants that we do have are pretty overgrown. There is a lone rosebush, but it feels a bit out of place to me. And we’re in desperate need of some decorative vegetation.
{You'll have to excuse the quality of this picture - we don't have one of the outside of the house yet so I grabbed it from Google Maps}
This photo was taken when the previous owners lived here so the flowers along the retaining wall (which I like) are no longer there. The lilac bush in the corner (which is actually part of the backyard) is a nice touch, I'll admit. (And one of the first improvements we made was painting the orange mailbox black.)

It’s not bad; I certainly don't think it's ugly and I definitely don't hate it. I just think it could use a little love. We closed on the house in the middle of April, so by the time we finally got settled we had missed the window for spring yard work. And quite honestly, the outside of the house wasn’t top on our priority list as we were setting things up in our new home.

So this spring (and summer), I’m really looking forward to getting started with some outdoor projects. Even if we only do a few small things this year, I think it could make a big difference.

So I’ve been searching the interwebs for inspiration. I’ve found lots of great ideas, even if some of them don’t apply to a house and location like ours. It’s still fun to see what great things you can do to welcome guests (and even just passerbys) to your home.

{Via Better Homes and Gardens}
 This photo shows the power of a dressed-up walkway. I love the idea of lining the walkway with some plants or flowers (even though our walkway is much shorter, and straight).

{Via Home Depot}
 A nice planter by your doorstep or along the walkway can really liven things up. I think it would look good to add one on each side of our door, or one on each side of the retaining wall.


I think this is done very nicely. A complementary mix of colors and greens. Well laid out. Goes very well with the structure and style of the house. I also really like this dark gray siding color (see below for another example of siding color I love).

{A house in our neighborhood, via}

I think this house is adorable. I think the tan siding and crisp white trim really makes the house pop. The window boxes provide an opportunity for color and add depth and texture to the front of the house. I'm definitely looking into window boxes!

{Source: Realtor Magazine}
This door wouldn't go with our house, nor would it work since we have an enclosed porch on the front. But I just L.O.V.E. this door! I also chose this photo beacuse I like how they've placed two beautiful planters on either side of entryway.

A few of these are far-fetched dreams, but most of them are very real possibilities. Adding some color and dimension to the front yard through flowers, plants, and general landscaping will be a great addition to our first home.

The backyard is another area with some great potential, but I'll save that for another day.

Can't wait for spring to start so we can get started!

p.s. In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell you that I don't know a lick about gardening. I'm going to have to learn pretty quick. Earlier this year I won a gardening gift basket at work, complete with a book about gardening and a $75 gift card to a local lawn and garden store. Both will come in handy this spring. Do you have suggestions for gardening and landscaping? Do you love your curb appeal? Do share!

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  1. Sigh...I can't wait to have a house to spruce up! I love that picture of the house on your street. The natural beams, white molding, dark siding--it's all perfect :)