Friday, April 22, 2011

Books that become movies

I love to read. When I was in college I rarely picked up a book that wasn’t required for one of my courses, but as soon as I graduated that all changed.

Like many people who work in downtown Minneapolis, I ride the bus to work. It’s a quick 20 minute commute that gives me a great opportunity to relax before and after work. This arrangement makes for perfect reading time, too. There are times where I can finish an entire book (or more) in just a single week’s worth of bus rides.

In the last few years alone, I’ve easily read upwards of a hundred books. Today, I got to thinking about books that become movies. Some books are simply better off being left to the written word, but some movies can really bring a book’s personality to life.

I almost always insist on reading the book in its entirety before seeing the movie. This usually leads to me getting annoyed by little inconsistencies, lack of detail, or changed plot lines. Just by the nature of their delivery, books and movies are difficult to make completely parallel. But, I still love reliving the story, finally putting real faces with names, witnessing the emotions I internalized as I read it page by page.

Here are a few of my favorite book + movie combinations:

The Last Song

Dear John

The Notebook

The Secret Life of Bees


And these two that I'm SO excited for. Loved both books and can't wait to see the movies:

Water for Elephants

The Help

This list could go on for miles! What about you? Are you a fan of books that become movies? Do you have any favorites?


  1. I love reading books before movies!! Water for Elephants (the book) was SO amazing! I can't wait to see the movie!!

  2. Like Megan, I like to read the book first because they are usually better than the movie :)

    After seeing Dear John, I realized how often I say "I'll see you soon" to J. Luckily our see you soons are for much shorter periods of time now than theirs!

    Oh and I can't wait to see The Help--what a great book!