Friday, April 15, 2011

The day formerly know as Tax Day

April 15th is notoriously known for being Tax Day (but not this year!), but for me it has much more meaning. I’d like to share two of those reasons with you today.   

Let’s start with a very important birthday. Today would have been a big one for Sean’s dad – 50! I remember how much he used to love teasing Sean’s mom about how she hit all of those milestones before him (and how Sean is just like his dad in doing the same with me). I’m sure we would’ve loved celebrating this one with him—although he probably wouldn’t have felt the same about this particular birthday! He would, however, probably have boasted about not looking a day over 30 (it’s true – neither of Sean’s parents look their age). And he’d be happy to point out that hardly a single silver strand had sprouted in his still-full head of hair. It’s simply a shame that he’s not here for this.

I was blessed to have known him for only 4+ years, so I feel like any words I could offer in his memory would fall terribly short. He was a passionate man with a deep love for his family, a remarkable talent for architecture (and all things home improvement), and a sense of humor that kept us laughing on a daily basis. Happy birthday Steve-O (as the boys so affectionately called you, if only to get your blood boiling a little)! We miss you more than you could ever know.

Today also marks the day that Sean and I became homeowners. One year ago we signed what felt like never-ending amounts of paperwork and walked away with the keys to a place we could call all our own. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already—full of mortgage payments, rodent problems, and a leaking basement. But it’s also been a year full of making a house a home, meeting incredible neighbors, and setting down roots in a house and a neighborhood we both love. Sometimes we may wish we could move to Never Never Land and become Peter Pan, but looks like we’re growing up, whether we like it or not.


  1. What a lovely home, and great memory, I know that feeling! We bought our house on October 13th! Can't wait for that one year mark :) Sending sympathy about Sean's dad, so hard to lose those we love!

  2. So sorry for your is never easy. That was a sweet tribute to him! Congrats on your house. Hang in there...being a homeowner has it's ups and downs...but it feels so good at the end of the day when you lock up the house and crawl into bed and say...this is mine!! Leaks and all!! lol
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. I'm so sorry for you and Sean's loss--he sounds like he was a great man and I can see why you both miss him so much!

    Hope you have a good weekend honoring his memory and celebrating his life :)

  4. @Jessie - thanks so much! It is so fun to celebrate those milestones, isn't it??

    @Patti - thanks for stopping by! It's so true - like most things in life there are lots of ups and downs but it's all worth it!

    @KT - thanks for your sweet words! He was definitely a special guy. Hope you had a great weekend!