Friday, April 1, 2011

Happiness is...


...Seeing a 7-day forecast with temperatures all above 40 degrees (it’s a heat wave here in Minnesota).

...Discovering Starburst FaveReds® a few months ago, and then discovering Starburst all red jelly beans last weekend. L.O.V.E.

...Being the bigger person.

...Only hitting the snooze button once because it’s Friday—and in my book, that’s a great reason to get out of bed.

...Thinking about the exciting and life-changing moments that are just around the corner for some of my favoritest friends.

...Getting a hair dryer at the gym without having to stalk someone who uses it first.

...A song popping up on your playlist that instantly takes you back to a certain memory or time in your life.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Fav Reds, are a favorite of mine, NEVER SEEN THE RED JELLY BEANS.. Where can I find these you speak of!!!

    Music + memories = euphoria

  2. What is making me happy today is the sun, it is beautiful in Northern CA.

    It is Friday, and I have a friend coming to see me this weekend, and it is almost 5:00 which means in two hours my little people will be sleeping and I can be off for the evening.

    Thanks for the happy thoughts.

    Happy Friday,


  3. ur complete happiness list rocks * * my fav is the snooze button = once of Fridays ;)

  4. @Amber: Me too!! I got them at Target. In fact, I bought a couple extra bags to tie us over well past Easter season, too. That's how much I love them, haha.

    @Elena: The sun sounds wonderful - and sodoes your weekend! Hope you enjoy it lots and lots!

    @b. lee: Thanks! It's so true - something about Friday's makes it a little easier to get out of bed. The other days? A whole different story! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I can relate on many levels of this! Thanks for sharing your inside thoughts ♥