Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning to keep calm and carry on

If you’ve been around these parts long enough, you may have picked up on the fact that I have a little bit of engagement/wedding fever (not to be confused with Bieber fever, of which I may also be ailing, hah!). It's not always easy to admit your faults, but I'm prepared to be brutally honest with myself right now.

It’s borderline embarrassing how often I think about (or talk about) getting engaged. I’m quite surprised Sean (or anyone else in our families) hasn’t invested in a pair of earplugs yet (although he has gotten pretty good about just tuning me out).

It’s just that I’m impatient to a fault—with everything! So waiting 6+ years for my best friend to finally ask me to be his once and for all is sort of like putting a kid in the same room as their favorite candy and telling them they can’t have any. (Meanwhile, there’s a window to the room next door where some of your friends are already enjoying their favorite candy. Did I mention I have a jealousy side, too?). I’m like a child. My goodness, I’m certainly not revealing my most redeeming qualities today, am I?

But I try extra hard to:
It’s not always easy when it seems everyone you run into asks, “are you engaged yet?” Even my hairdresser! The last time I went it she was washing my hair and suddenly blurted out, “Ok, I have to admit I totally just checked your hand!” And that wasn’t the first time. She makes me laugh.

Some weeks I’m better about calming down then others. I know that when the time is right things will happen for us, so I try to just sit back and enjoy life in the moment.

But I guess I need to try a little harder, because subtly is not my strong suit either. Last night, I went to pick up the dog from his “beauty appointment” (a.k.a. hair cut). When I left, Sean was in the shower. So when Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” came on the radio in the car, I thought it to be the perfect opportunity to call and leave a message on Sean’s voicemail. “If you like it than you should’a put a ring on it.” It was slightly well-timed because we had just been discussing the topic earlier (Shocking! Me talking about it? No way!). I was completely joking, but even jokes get old sometimes.

So really, I need to SETTLE DOWN. No man I know would want to marry a badgering crazy person. And I fear that’s what I’m turning into. So time to cure this fever once and for all. Any suggestions? Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it, but needed to wait patiently for it to be the right time? Maybe I should get one of these, just to remind me?


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