Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Monday

We are more than half-way through April and spring is still playing tricks on us. Only problem is, these tricks aren’t funny. Snow in April? No one is laughing! I’m tired of wearing a coat everywhere I go. And I would like to drive with the sunroof open and the windows down, instead of the seat warmers on and the defrost blowing. It’s supposed to be spring! You are well past fashionably late Mother Nature, so I suggest you show up for work one of these days!

Ok – I’ll be done ranting now. The weather seems to be crazy across the country, so I should just be grateful that we had a dusting of snow instead of a string of devastating tornadoes.  

So despite the unseasonably chilly weather, we were still able to enjoy the weekend.

Saturday, after running some errands, I saw the movie Soul Surfer with my mom, aunt, and 3 cousins. I’ll be honest, the message was cute, but the acting was a little too corny at times.

Saturday night, Sean and I went to a party to celebrate his co-worker’s birthday and wish him well on his upcoming deployment. Sean is lucky to work with some really great people, so it was fun to spend time with them.

Like most weeks, this Sunday was low key and relaxing. I went to mass, did some cleaning, made pasta salad for the week, and baked two loaves of banana bread. Sean and I tried to go to the batting cages to get some swings in before our first game on Friday, but it was busy and we decided not to wait. Instead we did some shopping and I got new cleats. I've been wearing the same cleats since I was in high school (11+ years) so I've been due for some new ones. I found a pair that were on clearance and super comfortable. Still not sure how I feel about having red ones though. What do you think?

{Via Sports Authority}
Sunday night, we had dinner with Sean's family. His mom and I took the dog for a quick spin around the block (if it wasn't so cold we would've gladly taken more than a "quick" spin). Then we headed home to finish up laundry, get things ready for the week ahead, and get some sleep. 

How was your weekend?

P.S. I have to give a big birthday shout-out to my adorable little sister! Hard to believe she’s 14 today! Happy birthday Molly Girl!

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  1. That sounds like a great weekend! I personally like the red :)

    Happy birthday to your little sister!