Friday, April 8, 2011

Softball injuries

I was looking through old pictures on my computer and stumbled across this one. It was taken on April 8th—six years ago today. Crazy coincidence!

So what’s the story behind it, you may ask?

Well, my friends and I were gearing up for our second co-ed softball season. The spring weather was just the motivation we needed to get some practice in, so we decided to head to a local park to swing the bat and throw the ball around for a little while.

When it came Sean’s turn to hit, I offered to pitch to him. I am not a pitcher. I would be the last one, in fact, on the list of people to fill in for this position if ever needed; it’s simply not in my skill set. But since it was just practice, I thought—why not?!?

Apparently slow reflexes are why not.

I had lobbed a nice, slow pitch and before I knew it, Sean had returned a hard-hit line drive right back where it came from.

By the time I realized it was heading for me, I took a small jump in the air, turned to my right, and broke the fall of a speeding softball with the inside of my right calf.

Practice was pretty much over after that. It hurt, but the bruising was minimal at first. By the end of the day I noticed a little swelling and some red marks, but by the next morning, it was a beauty. Black, blue, green, and yellow—stretching from just below my knee to just above my ankle. What a sight it was!

This picture was taken a couple days later, so some of the bruising and swelling had gone down a bit. The ball hit me right where the bruising has turned yellow. I guess I’m just lucky it didn’t hit my knee. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of that bruise!

Now we’re starting our 7th softball season and I’m happy to report that’s the worst injury I’ve ever received. Hoping to keep that streak up this year!

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  1. Holy Guacamole what a bruise!! Good luck this season!!!! I miss playing softball!