Monday, April 11, 2011

Someone get this dog a valium

Another weekend gone by - where does the time go?!? My weekend was very unventful, but wonderful nonetheless.

On Friday, Sean and I stayed in and ordered one of our favorite cheese pizzas for dinner (we've had fish almost every Friday this lent and were ready for a change).

Saturday was nearly 70 degrees and the spring air was energizing. While Sean worked, I went to the gym, did some shopping (no great finds to report this time), caught up on errands and laundry, and did some spring cleaning. That night, we went to one of our favorite local restaurants, got some ice cream, and headed home for another quiet night. And that night, we were expecting our first spring storm.

{Via NASA}
When I was little, I was terrified of storms. They grew on me as I got older and now I actually quite enjoy a nice, thunderous rainfall from time to time (though I still have frequent nightmares about tornadoes, and those I could do without). 

But Oliver, my normally mellow and lovable Yorkie baby, is taking all the fun out of it for me. The dog cannot stand thunderstorms. From the minute the thunderclouds roll in, he starts shaking like a leaf. Even silent storms get the best of him. I swear he can sense the drop in barometric pressure or something.

Saturday night was no different. The clouds came running, the lightning came shining, and snoop doggie dog wasn't having it. He woke us up around midnight and climbed on top of my chest, shaking and panting in my face (did I mention he's in desperate need of a "beauty" appointment so his breath is especially raunchy right now?). I didn't even hear any thunder. The night was an endless series of ups and downs, since it's virtually impossible to sleep when he gets like that. The storm system moved through and by about 5 a.m. he finally settled down enough to sleep.

The storm left behind some humid air and gray clouds on Sunday, but also brought with it some very warm air. It was in the mid-70s! After spending much of the morning in our jammies, a brief power outage prompted us to finally get off our butts and enjoy it. With the windows down and the sunroof open, we made a trip to Ikea, where we found a dresser for our upstairs hallway.
{Via Ikea}
It's a great compromise for our space and budget (and - bonus - was short enough to let me keep the art work that's in the hallway in place). We had lunch there, too, and the food was actually very good. We finished the trip with $1 frozen yogurt cones and made our way home to put together our new furniture. We had Sunday dinner with Sean's family (turkey burgers - love that grilling season is back!) and called it a night.

Love low key weekends. Looking forward to the next one already!

How about you - how was your weekend? Do you prefer quiet weekends like ours was, or ones that keep you on the go?

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