Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tears & Laughter

It’s no secret around these parts that I believe many of my emotions are best expressed through tears. Crying is in my blood. For me, it’s the most freeing form of release when I’m sad, angry, stressed, or even overwhelmingly happy.
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And it doesn’t often take much to set me off.

Last night I was watching TV in our living room while Sean caught the baseball game from our bedroom. I was watching One Tree Hill. I realize this show is not for everyone, but I happen to love it. Plus, I’ve been watching it since it started 8 years ago so it’s kind of hard to break up with it now.

Anyway, this episode was full of emotions (of both the sad and happy kind). As it came to a close I found myself losing all composure and by the time the credits rolled it had turned into a full-on silent sob. There wasn’t a particular reason behind it, I was just moved. Moved by the moments happening in the fictional TV series in front of me, and moved by the thoughts and feelings it stirred up inside of me.

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So I got up and ran to the bedroom and snuggled my head in Sean’s chest. Anyone who knows Sean knows that he’s not a snuggler, so he instantly looked at me like, “Can I help you?”

But it didn’t take long for him to notice—or feel—the tears running down my face. His reaction was the same as it almost always is, “Oh geez….what now?”

Don’t take this as him being insensitive. I’ve racked up an awful lot of frequent crier miles and this boy has put up with a lot (and most of the time, I’m crying over the smallest of things). These moments have really become almost comical in our house.

And that’s exactly what it turned into. He rolled over and looked me in the eyes while inquiring as to why the breakdown this time. But there was no real answer, no words to really sum up the random flurry of emotions. So we couldn’t help but laugh—at the ridiculousness of it, at the thought of another moment where I just needed a good cry. Within minutes the tears were gone, the laughter had settled, and the evening went on like any other.

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I’ve always thought my favorite tears are the ones that come from laughter. But I’ve learned that sometimes, the tears that are followed by laughter are even more satisfying. Guess I should try this more often!   

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  1. Tears are in my family genes...we cry when we are happy, sad, you name it. It was not uncommon for us growing up to look down the table and see my grandpa crying happy tears saying he hopes we get to enjoy family as much as he has :)

    J is a bit of a crier too although I think I still win that contest!

  2. I am SO emotional, too!! I tear up at anything and cry at all kinds of, books, movies! The only thing that I hate crying over is when I'm mad. It's so frustrating to start crying when you're mad. UGH!