Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday morning blues

I think I woke up on the proverbial wrong side of the bed today. Or perhaps the problem is that I had to wake up at all. Either way, I was not very fun to be around.

After stumbling out of bed 4 snooze hits and 20 minutes later than my scheduled rising time, I made my way to the gym. As I was driving west, the sky looked incredible. A sliver of early morning daylight glowed between two walls of ominous storm clouds. It was terrifying and beautiful at the same time.

{Full disclosure: This picture is not mine. I did not take it. I "borrowed" it from someone who shared it on our local news station's FB page. So all credit goes to her (and her husband, who according to the caption, took the picture).}

Though it wasn’t raining yet, I knew a storm was inching closer, which meant one thing. The dog—who hates storms and feels the need to shake and pant uncontrollably while simultaneously nestling as close as possible to any form of human protection—was going to flip out. And that in turn meant another thing: Sean was not going to be happy. Mondays are his day off and waking up to a terrified dog before 6 a.m. isn’t his idea of a good time.

Sure enough by the time I left the gym, I had a text from Sean kindly informing me that, “just in case I was wondering” (his words not mine), he may or may not have decided to kill the dog.

I felt bad. For them both. I know how frustrating it is when the dog keeps you awake. It’s usually me dealing with the poor pup in the middle of the night. And I know how much Sean would like to use his day off to get some extra zzz’s. But I also know that Oliver can’t help it. My baby is just scared. I think it may be time to call the vet and learn more about the doggy Valium after all!  

So starting my day off like that led me to find annoyance or frustration in the smallest of things. The woman whose wet umbrella rested against my pant leg the entire bus ride into work. The 30 minutes it took for my computer to start up and reach a functional speed. The growing (and seemingly never-ending) list of items on my to-do list.

All in a day’s work for a dreary Monday I guess. I had a lovely weekend though, so maybe I was due for a downgrade. The good news is, even though there’s some rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, it’s supposed to warm up. Above 80 tomorrow! So I’m winding down my not-so-great day with high hopes of a better one tomorrow!

Happy Monday friends!


  1. That sky looks spooky! Sorry you had a rough Monday...I hate when every last little thing contributes to a totally annoying day.

  2. Mondays are tough! I have a few friends and relatives that use doggy Valium when storms are coming or for long car rides (depending on what they are afraid of!) and swear by them...poor little Oliver!