Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shoe obsession

Yesterday I was sitting in a meeting, obviously paying very close attention, when I looked down at my shoes and noticed something: buckles.

Of course I knew they were there, but something about it struck me.

See this was the first time I had worn these shoes in quite a few months, so I was rediscovering what I loved about them. And when I realized that the buckles had something to do with that, I had a bit of an epiphany. I am obsessed with shoes with buckles.

A few weeks ago I bought these babies. The colorful paisley design makes for a great spring/summer shoe (and also helps to spice up my wardrobe that is usually full of boring, solid colors). Plus, I loved the buckle.

It hadn’t occurred to me, until yesterday in fact, that I also have a few other pairs of buckle-topped shoes.

Please excuse the poor photo quality - taken with my cell phone camera!
And I'm pretty sure this only scratches the surface. So apparently this is a “thing’ for me? How could I have not realized sooner my tendency to be drawn to such shoes?

I guess it’s not terribly surprising since I am definitely the girl who finds a shirt she loves and buys it in 3 colors. I shop at the same few stores because I know I like their style and fit of clothes (though I’m getting better about branching out a little bit). I can be a brand loyal snob sometimes (when the dentist suggested I switch to a different toothpaste to better protect against cavities, I almost cried a little because I loved my Aquafresh). So it should be old news to me that I stick to familiar things—like buckles on shoes!

What about you? Are you adventurous and flexible in your purchases, or do you (like me) stick close to familiar styles most of the time?

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  1. I love those paisley shoes! I tend to stick to familiar styles too, especially when it comes to cardigans. They are my biggest obsession by far but I just can't help it :)