Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Taking the bus

As written from my mobile phone on the way home from work today:

I'm blogging from the comforts of a crowded bus in rush hour traffic because it seems as though its the only free time I have these days.

Today, thanks mostly to a midday Twins baseball game, traffic is extra slow and the bus is extra crowded. So I, and 20-some other people get the lucky pleasure of standing shoulder to shoulder packed in like sardines.

I've realized that this less than ideal situation is actually a great opportunity to share some of my favorite bus pleasures and peeves. Some of these may be a friendly reminder of bus etiquette, even though no one who actually needs the reminder is reading.

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First, let me say that if you happen to be driving a bus filled past it capacity, with at least 25 people standing who are weary from a long day's work, perhaps you should refrain from slamming on the brakes and narrowly missing the rear end of the car in front of you. I know mistakes happen and sometimes its unavoidable, but 5 times? Really? The blisters on my hand and the uncomfortable familiarity my face now has with the greasy ponytail of the girl in front of me leads me to believe you may need to go back to bus driver school.

And let me tell you, fellow bus passengers, when the bus that is already 10 minutes late approaches the stop and a line begins to form, that does not mean you get to charge the doors and push like school children to get on before those of us who waited patiently. Let's go back to kindergarten and learn the rules of single-file lines, people.

And chivalry? I'm sorry I missed your funeral as I was unaware you were dead! Not a single man offered his seat to anyone on the overflowing bus. There were older women, ladies with their arms full of bags and files, you name it. But no one even made the gesture. Then there were the two young men who made the girl in front of me lean back even more awkwardly close to me so that they could have a conversation across the aisle. I'm sorry if our standing interfered with your social hour.

Ok, this is weighing heavily on the side of peeves. Now for some pleasures of riding the bus to work:
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  • The carpool lane and the shoulder - we get to our destination much quicker than if I was in my car alone.
  • Reading. Every day, I get lost in a good book for at least 20 minutes (each way).
  • Familiar faces. When I'm rushing to the bus stop at the end of the day, worried that I may have missed the latest one, I can always scan the crowd for familiar faces and instantly know whether the bus has been by or not. I may never speak to these people, but I feel like family with people I've ridden the bus with for years.
  • Cheap. My work pays for half of my bus pass, so my out-of-pocket costs are a fraction of what I'd be paying for parking in downtown Minneapolis (not to mention gas, too!).
Everyone's commute probably has ups and downs. How about yours? How do you get to work, or just get around town? What do you love and hate about it?

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  1. You typed this on your phone? That is some impressive texting there girl :) I used to take a train and two buses when I worked for my dad (parking around the office was 10-15 dollars a day plus 4.00 dollar gas in CA--no thanks!) I definitely miss being able to read books and listen to my iPod every day!