Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yesterday was graduation day for Sean's youngest brother. Hard to believe he's now done with high school!

Some photos from the evening:

The beautiful St. Paul Cathedral (above and below).

Do you remember your high school graduation? I do! Here's me and my best friends on graduation night (9 years ago -whew!):
{Pardon the quality of the photo - this was before digital cameras! And blond-ish hair? I don't know what I was thinking.}
 And here is Sean and I on his high school graduation night 6 years ago (we both graduated from the same high school that his brother did last night):
{Gross, not much of a fan of sharing pictures from my heavier days}

I love graduations! Sometimes they can seem long or boring, but last night the speakers were great and it made the ceremony fly by. Plus, how exciting to celebrate such a great accomplishment! Do you like graduations?

Tomorrow is hsi brother's graduation party so I have the day off to help get ready. I'm looking forward to it; it will be a great time. I'll share photos next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Those are some great photos--I especially like the one with the graduation caps and the cathedral (so gorgeous)!

    Happy graduation to Sean's brother and happy Monday girlie :)