Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Indecision junction

I’ve come to find that choosing a wedding venue is very much like buying a house. You check out every available place that falls in your price range, searching for one that is perfect. But like house hunting, reception venue hunting does not come without compromise. You’ll find a few that you like, but each one comes with its share of pros and cons.

It most often comes down to deciding whether spending a little extra money on the one that checks off a few more boxes in your “wants” column is worth the investment, or whether you want to save the money and prepare for some DIY-projects and dirty work.

And so is the case with the 2 reception venues we’ve narrowed it down to. They’re very different, each with its own benefits and charm.

At first glance, one of them seems to offer some cost savings over the other. I tried to ask myself, “If money was no object, which would you choose?” An answer does present itself, but the cold hard truth is that money is an object. So like it or not, it becomes one of the categories in our list of pros and cons.

I’ve always been an indecisive person. I had my mom drive 20 minutes to the mall to look at a few dresses I was trying on because I couldn’t tell which one I liked best. If we’re going out to eat, I always make someone else throw out a couple ideas first because I can’t stand to be the one who chooses. I spend absurd amounts of times in the greeting card aisle because I have to find one that feels just right. (Sometimes I’m not sure whether these indecisive tendencies stem from my actual inability to make a decision or my desire to make as many people happy as I can—or both.)

But when it came to planning a wedding I thought my biggest challenge would be finding a wedding dress. Much to my surprise, that happened very quickly and easily for me. Even the color scheme debate is coming together. But this decision—the one that, in the grand scheme of things, is really not as big as it seems—is going down in the books as the hardest to date.  

Someone else just choose for me. I’m really good at following the rules and doing what I’m told, so you pick and I’ll go with it!

But seriously, in the end I’m sure we’ll find a place that we’ll love—just like with finding a house you love. Once you realize the things you can live with and the ones you can’t live without, you find a way to make everything else work. In fact…I’m feeling better about this decision already!


  1. When we first visited what ended up being our wedding venue, we knew immediately it was the one! Granted our wedding was in June which is a very busy month for weddings (especially in Omaha because no one wants to try to get married during the two weeks of College World Series play--no hotels to be found then!) and many places were already booked up but still, we jumped in and never looked back :)

  2. I'm with you on the indecision! I drive my husband crazy with my resistance to picking out a restaurant EVER! Good luck finding a place!!

  3. i know exactly what you mean about picking restaurants and greeting cards and trying on clothes! And it's a good thing i have a year and 3 months (only 3 months left now!) to plan my wedding. i think i've made a decision and then i go back and change it a thousand times before it's settled!!