Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Walk this way

Remember a couple weeks ago when I mentioned I was feeling the need to change up my workouts a bit? Well on Monday I did, and boy am I paying for it!

Since Sean and I had both had the holiday off, we went to the gym together.  He decided to have me do his leg workout with him.

We started with some stretching, and then warmed up by jogging on the treadmill. We continued on to the weight room where we did 15 straight minutes of lunges up and down a ramp. A few more leg machines and 45 minutes later, my legs could barely carry me back to the locker room.

The rest of the day my legs felt quite jello-like and wobbly. Even though we were careful to do lots of stretches at the end, I knew I would be in for it by Tuesday.

Sure enough, I woke up yesterday and could hardly make my way down the stairs. As the day went on, it got harder and harder to do the smallest of things—going from standing to sitting, bending over to pick something up, taking the stairs. My friend warned me today would probably be worse.

The verdict? She was right! The pain has now localized in my thighs and hamstrings (oh and don’t forget my butt, too!), but it’s a burning, radiating pain that flares up every time I so much as think about using those muscles.

I’m quite the sight to see, actually. Imagine the view of everyone behind me on the bus as I get in and have to set everything in my hands down, and then carefully lower myself into the seat using the handicap bar. Meanwhile, the bus has already started moving forward and my legs are burning from trying to hold still. Thank God no one can see me try and lower myself onto a toilet!

Not to mention the way I walk around work with a little bit of waddle. I’m sure people look at me and wonder whether I’m suffering some great injury, wearing shoes I can’t walk in, or perhaps looking really good for being 70+ years old.

Good grief! I will say this though. The pain is pretty bad, but it’s a good pain! Clearly the leg workout I thought I’d been getting was nothing close to what I should be doing. So as it turns out, I do need to push myself a bit more. And the more I do it, hopefully the easier it will get to function in the days that follow.


  1. Good for you! I always hate that feeling but love it when it pays off. Keep it up lady!

  2. I am in the same boat with you!! It does feel good to be sore but the stares that I get are a little embarrassing... but totally worth it!!

    Keep it up girl, all the hard work will pay off!!