Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend recap: Pride and Preciousness

We had another fabulous summer weekend, and once again I’m disappointed that it’s over. The difference is, though, that for once I’m excited that it’s Monday – because I’m trying on wedding dresses tonight!

I think it will be so weird to put on a wedding dress for the first time. I almost have some butterflies about it. I probably wouldn’t start looking for dresses this early, but a bridal store in our area has their biggest sale of the year in the month of June. Since I certainly can’t wait until next June, and I also can’t pass up the opportunity to save money, we decided to go check it out. Plus, because we’re looking so early, there’s no pressure to find something right now. If I fall in love with one, great! And if not, no problem. I can’t wait!

So back to the weekend…

On Friday we had softball, and, as usual, it rained. I’m getting really tired of playing while feeling like I just stepped out of the shower with my clothes on.

We play doubleheaders and our first game turned a bit disastrous. We had just enough guys to play, and a few innings into the game our pitcher pulled his hamstring. He could barely walk off the field, so we knew we were in a sticky situation. Luckily, one of our girls stepped in and did a great job pitching. One of our friends had come to watch the game so he stepped in and filled a spot in the outfield—in jeans and a dress shirt, with the wrong-handed glove. But it was a body nonetheless.

Then, later in the same game, our 3rd baseman dislocated his shoulder catching  a hard throw from the outfield (and saving it from hitting a baby in a stroller, I might add). So we were officially short at least 1 guy, and we still had a whole other game ahead of us.

I called my brother and he and his friend came to save the day. And let me tell you, I swelled with pride watching them on the field. They made plays left and right, launched the ball deep into the outfield (my brother even got a homerun!) and helped us beat the trash-talking other team with runs instead of words (trust me, it’s hard not to sass back when they’re hurling curse words at you, including your pregnant best friend whose sitting in the stands). They were the most rewarding victories of our season to date (drenched clothes and all) and I loved watching my baby brother help us do it.

It’s just so funny to me to see him all grown up. I still think of him as a little kid, yet he steps into this league with people 5, 10, 15 years older than him and fits right in. What a fun time we had!

The rest of our weekend was relaxing and uneventful. We had a bonfire with friends on Saturday night. At one point, the fire reached such impressive heights that I kept my cell phone—pre-dialed to 911—by my side for a few anxious minutes. There’s nothing more fitting for a cool summer night than a warm fire, s’mores, and good friends.

On Sunday Sean and I walked around the mall for a while in what turned out to be a fruitless search for birthday gift ideas for him. I swear, he’s so difficult to buy for. If anyone has great ideas for birthday gifts, do share!

After the mall I took some photos of my friend Claire, her husband, and her siblings for their father’s day gift. I also snapped a few of Claire and her husband and her adorable pregnant belly. The photos are precious (really, they made my job easy because they're all so photogenic and easy to work with). I’ll try and share some of the shots later this week! 

And that brings us back to here. A Monday morning. A fresh week ahead. A 5-day countdown to the next 2 days of summer bliss.

Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. Yay for wedding dress shopping! Happy hunting!!

  2. have fun trying on wedding dresses!! such a good time! : )

  3. Guys are hard to shop for! Maybe a subscription to a magazine he likes or something related to one of his hobbies (those are always go-to gifts for me anyway) :)

    Good luck wedding dress shopping! How fun!!