Monday, July 4, 2011

I love me some long weekends

Long weekends are lifesavers. I wish that I could have 3-day weekends all of the time. There's something to be said about having just a little extra time to rest and relax before getting back to the grind.

Our weekend was wonderful. The weather couldn't have been better; the heat covered the city like a blanket and the sun never stopped shining.

Friday highlights
  • Took the afternoon off of work - glorious!
  • Grocery shopped - love checking things of my to-do list early in the weekend!
  • Went to dinner and a movie - date night #1! (Since we had some time to kill after dinner we stopped in a pet shop near the restaurant. Big mistake! I felt so bad for all of the adorable puppies and wanted every last one of them to come home with us, especially this little guy.)

Saturday highlights
  • Got our workout done before 10 a.m. (that rarely happens for us, so I was thrilled to have it over and have so much of the day ahead of us)
  • Cleaned the house - ahh, the smell of clean floors and Clorox!
  • Got sucked into watching way too many re-runs of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - have you seen that show? All I can say is, "Wow!"
  • Went to our first Twins game of the year - a beautiful night for outdoor baseball!
  • Stopped by a going-away party for Sean's best friend who is going to South Africa and then moving to Colorado for a year - lots of laughs with those guys!

Sunday highlights
  • Lazy Sunday morning - 'nuff said
  • Helped "rescue" our neighbor - we saw an elderly couple banging on the window of our neighbor Ruth's house. Ruth is an adorable 93-year-old woman who has lived in the house since she was a little girl. Her brother and his wife hadn't been able to get ahold of her so they came over to check on her. Since the doors were locked, Sean called a friend of his from the police department (Sean works for the department too) and had them come over for a welfare check. When they finally got in the house, Ruth was conscious but disoriented at the top of her stairs. She had taken a fall. The paramedics came and took her to the hospital. Thank goodness her brother came over to check on her!
  • Had dinner with Sean's family - love dinner on the patio!
  • Visited with friends who just returned from their week-long annual summer cabin trip - I missed my best friend !
Looking back at how much I got done in just those 3 days makes me wish we always had a bonus day for the "boring" stuff - like running errands and doing laundry. I didn't mind doing that today since I got a full weekend of fun.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be staying up late enough for the fireworks tonight. I think I'll be happy with that decision come sunrise tomorrow, though.

Happy Independence Day!

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