Thursday, July 7, 2011


I’m currently trying to do this:
{Via Pinterest} an attempt to solve 2 rather frustrating issues in my life:

Number one: feeling like a pizza face. Chalk it up to the weather, hormones, or drinking skim milk (rumor has it), it doesn’t matter. Truth of the matter is my face is turning into an oily feeding ground for adult acne. You can say “gross!” I’s have to agree. I’d like to extend a big, “WTF life?” because I thought embarrassing skin problems stopped when you graduated puberty.  

Number two: feeling like a heffalump. My slightly less-than-ideal food choices lately have left me feeling pleasantly plump. While the scale has only shifted slightly in the last 3 months (2 pounds—there, I said it), it’s enough to make me feel, well, fat. It’s not ok. It’s time to “tighten.” (Name that movie?!?)

And before you even consider going there, no I am not pregnant. Let’s just clear that up right now—for all of you and for anyone else out there who might be panicking at the thought of it (hi mom!). While it seems such a “condition” would be good cause for blemishes and blubber, it simply isn’t the case. The only baby in my belly is a food one.

So back to the water. I realize it won’t actually solve these problems. But it's a good start, and it can't hurt! Drinking lots of water is great for your skin. And it’s great at making you feel full (which is apparently what I need to stop me from grabbing a handful of something deliciously un-nutritious when I’m cooking dinner or on-the-go). So next time I reach for the pita chips or a double stuffed Oreo, I think I’ll grab an ice water instead.

Do you have any secrets of the trade—for skin care or healthy eating?


  1. The movie is Knocked Up, right? :)

    I really need to drink more water! When I remember, I try to put things in my water like sliced cucumber or lemons to trick myself into drinking more!

  2. Yes - it is Knocked Up! I have 2 friends who are obsessed with that scene from that movie :)

    I've heard great things about adding cucumber to water. I should definitely try it!

  3. Drinking more water is always good! But you know what I'm wanting to try for my skin? Cleaning it with OIL. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the person I know who does this has the most gorgeous skin in the world. So I'm ready to give it a try!