Monday, August 1, 2011

August already?

Mark my words…this month is going to fly by. It’s the first of the month and I’m already fearing the end of it. We have lots of fun things planned for this month, most of which will probably add to the “speediness” that always seems to be the month of August.

We did have a very nice time saying goodbye to July though. Friday afternoon I finished my grocery shopping and baked somewhere in the ballpark of 4 dozen cookies. (What was I thinking?) Thankfully, I had plenty of excuses to bring the cookies elsewhere so that Sean and I didn’t instantly gain 20 pounds this weekend (recipe to come later this week).

Friday was also the last night of summer softball. We closed out the season with 2 wins, followed by a pool party and bonfire. I’d say it doesn’t get a whole lot better than that. (I could have, however, done without the 23 mosquito bites on my lower extremities.)
Saturday morning I met 2 friends at the gym and we took a long walk outside. I had been dreading the fluorescent lighting and monotonous elliptical machine, so it was the perfect change of pace. We returned to the gym for quick showers and then made our way to get pedicures. Glorious, I tell ‘ya!

That afternoon, Sean decided he wanted to make new bags for his cornhole set (We don’t actually call it cornhole. To us and most others in Minnesota, it’s simply “bags.” But it seems “cornhole” is most recognizable to others). After going store-to-store to get materials, Sean’s mom helped us sew them. And by helped, I mean, she did everything. I cut the fabric and Sean measured and poured the beans, but you don’t want either of us near a sewing machine. She was a huge help, and very patient with a sewing machine that didn’t always want to cooperate.

When we were done, we got some dinner and headed to our friend’s house. We had every intention of doing something, but it wasn’t meant to be. Many of the guys had spent the day in the hot sun playing softball and were sunburned and sleepy. So we gathered in the living room and watched Philadelphia until the Twins game started. Once the baseball game was on, we alternated between rooting for the team and reminiscing on embarrassing and hilarious stories from college.

Sunday we were feeling ambitious, so we rented a carpet cleaner for our living room and stairs (the only place we have rugs/carpet). Once again Sean did most of the work and I helped with the preparation and clean up. I supervised. Hey, it’s not like it takes 2 people to push it around! Later, we had dinner with Sean’s family and headed to bed early.

Another weekend gone too fast!

This week is a short one; I have Thursday and Friday off work and am looking forward to a long weekend!

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  1. Yay for a long weekend! And I always just move stuff and "help" when we steam clean our carpet, too. Those things are heavy to push around!