Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Baby shower recap!

A few weeks ago I shared some inspiration ideas I had for the baby shower we were throwing for two of our best friends.

Well this past weekend, we had the shower. We only used a couple of the ideas I posted about, but nonetheless, everything went off without a hitch!

These are the parents-to-be:
We’ve been friends with these 2 (and all of our other friends) for a long time. The semi short story is this. The mama and I have been friends since 4th grade. I'm not counting, but that's a really long time. In fact, most of our girlfriends have all known each other since elementary or high school. It's funny because the same is true of many of our guy friends, too. The papa was a year behind us in high school (although his brother was our age), but the mama and papa didn't technically meet and start dating until a couple years into college. Since many of his friends were also from growing up, it just so happens that a large majority of us have attended the same school(s) and/or known each other in a variety of capacities for many, many years. (And let me tell you, it makes for great friendships.)

So because of this large, close-knit group of friends, especially the papa and his guys, we decided to do a co-ed shower. It turned out to be a great idea, because when all was said and done, everyone had a great time.

We served strawberry lemonade and Chicago-mix popcorn as a pre-dinner snack, even though the popcorn really didn’t get eaten until later in the night.
I found the popcorn idea on Pinterest, and adapted it a little. I bought the pink and white striped bags from this store on Etsy (they come in lots of colors), and had a friend at work design a sticker label to put on them. Then we filled the bags with popcorn from our local Candyland. They turned out so cute and were really simple!
For dinner, we served lasagna, salad, and bread. It was an easy, affordable group meal and popular with the guys and the gals.
After dinner we opened gifts. Our friend Meggan created a bingo game, where guests checked off items on their bingo card if the guests of honor received it as a gift. It was quite hilarious to see some of the men ask questions like, “is that a bassinet” (as mom holds up a dress) or “are burp cloths the same thing as blankets?” In their defense, these are among our first friends to have babies, so these guys don’t yet need to know the answers to these questions. They’ll learn quickly one day, that’s for sure.
Our friend Molly (another one on the shower planning team) had a brilliant idea for a baby-changing game. Guests went up against each other in a race to see who could diaper and dress a baby the fastest. We started with the soon-to-be parents, and then paired people from there. In the end, we had two winners, a guy and a girl, who were the 2 fastest in the entire group. It generated lots of laughter. Even the guys were getting into it. Certainly a fun game for any shower, especially a co-ed one.
After games we served dessert. Take a look at this adorable cake that Meggan made – from scratch! It was delicious and super cute (From this angle it looks like it says "Abby," but it says "Baby." The picture doesn't do it justice).
After dessert the boys retreated to lounge and watch football, while the ladies sat on the patio and chatted away. It was a beautiful night.

We ended the night crowded around the kitchen table, looking through old yearbooks and laughing at photos that seem like they’re from a lifetime ago.

All in all, the night was wonderful. It was full of some of the best things in life. Happiness in its purest form. A cool summer night. Laughter that makes your belly ache. Celebration in honor of 2 people who couldn’t be more deserving and who are going to make incredible parents.

I had so much fun helping to throw this shower. I definitely had fun ideas that I didn’t get to put to use this time. I can’t wait for even more in the years to come.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! I'm cracking up, imagining a bunch of uninitiated guys trying to figure out all the baby stuff!