Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Friday friends!

Another summer week has flown by. That’s good and bad all wrapped up into one, if you ask me.

Before you curse me for even daring to say that I’m happy that summer is inevitably one week closer to being over, hear me out. This week we had some mildly cooler temps and I got a tiny reminder of what it’s like to feel a cool breeze move through the house. It may have, even just a little, gotten me excited for fall.

You can’t tell me that the idea of hoodies, hot cocoa, fall boots, and crisp fall air (or whatever your fall faves might be) don’t sound appealing. Just sayin’.

Plus, summer or not, work was feeling a little overwhelming this week. So I’m happy to be putting the week behind me.

Moving on…

One of my favorite bloggers has a tradition she likes to call Friday Phone Dump.

(Sidenote: I feel the need to clarify that this ah-mazing blogger probably doesn’t know I exist. We aren’t friends. She doesn’t know me! And how could she? She has, like, a million readers because she’s that awesome. But she has an incredible way with words, a beautiful family, and an inspiring talent with the camera. In fact, you probably already know of her blog anyway. But long story short, I mentioned her because I love her blog, and I linked to her so that you can, too. That’s all folks.)

So taking some inspiration from her, here’s my Friday thought dump…all the crazy, random things racing through my brain as we head into the weekend (with photo accompaniments when possible).

My favorite, trusty red pen has officially bitten the dust (and I’m currently lacking the motivation to go get new ones). Sad day. 

This afternoon Sean and I are packing up the car and heading to exotic Madison, WI. I’m looking forward to road trip music, car snacks, and travel games. Even more, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with these 2 ladies (I’ll tell you more about them next week).

I’m excited to get away for the weekend but always get sad leaving my little man. I think he’ll be just fine, seeing as how he gets to spend a few days with grandma and uncle Murphy, his best (and only) doggy friend.

Tomorrow will mark the 6 year anniversary since my aunt Kelly died. SIX YEARS. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I remember it so vividly. Kelly was one of a kind—a hilarious, vibrant, and loving woman who adored her nieces and nephews. I can still remember her distinct laugh, her love for spicy food, and her passion for adventure. We miss you Kelly! 

As I've probably mentioned, Sean works for the police department. He went to school to be a police officer and is working toward becoming one with this department (He's got all the credentials, now he just has to wait his turn. It's sort of complicated). Anyway, last night was graduation for the latest academy of new officers. A few of Sean's good friends and former co-workers were part of it. It was so exciting to watch them get their badges last night. Sean was teasing me because I told him the ceremony made me feel like crying. It was just so inspiring and I swelled with pride for our friends and for the men and women who will be serving the very community we live in.. I'd be lying if I didn't say it also made me a little jealous that Sean wasn't up there. But it's ok. He loves working for the department and I know he'll get his turn. We're so proud of all of the newest officers. Congrats to them!

What's on your mind today? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...happy Friday!

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