Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Monday...

Dear Monday,

I may have managed to (narrowly) avoid the above mentioned activities today, but that doesn't mean I'd classify you as anything remotely close to "good."

For no great reason, I had a great dislike for you today.

Perhaps it was because it started when my alarm went off in the middle of a blissful sleep. I was cocooned in my sheets, the cool breeze blowing through by way of the fan in the bedroom window, when the obnoxious sound of my alarm startled me awake.

Or maybe it was because my best friend's contractions this morning turned out to be false, leaving her still 5 days overdue and me still very anxious for my pseudo-niece to be born. Clearly I'm not the one who should be complaining, but in all fairness, I do want her to arrive for my friend and her husband more than for myself.

It could also have something do with the fact that there simply weren't enough hours in the day to get everything done at work. But in your defense, Monday, it seems like this isn't just a first-day-of-the-week thing anymore.

Oh, and you know how I've been putting off buying new makeup because "free gift" time started today? Turns out their website was off by a day, so it doesn't start until tomorrow. Only problem is I am 100% out of foundation, so I couldn't wait until tomorrow. So after all that, no free gift anyway.

You weren't very kind to Sean today either, seeing as how he got in a minor car accident at work (in his work vehicle). Thankfully, everyone was ok (and the accident wasn't his fault), but it certainly provided some un-needed stress and frustration in his afternoon.

Then, just when we wanted nothing more than the mindless entertainment of the TV, everything we watched seemed to talk about dads, particularly people losing theirs. Of course this only brought up all sorts of sad feelings for the both of us.

No offense Monday, but good riddance. Bedtime (and Tuesday) can't come soon enough!
Love always,

Miss Jewells

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