Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In high school, I had a core group of girlfriends that I spent the vast majority of my time with.
We’ve been lucky in that most of us have stayed really close all these years. With jobs and families and the usual chaos of life, we don’t see each other all that often, but we try and get together for dinner here and there.

And every time we do, I’m amazed at the ease and comfort of our conversations, the simple pleasures of being in the company of people you share such a history with.

Last night they came over to our house, with their significant others and children in tow. Our house is small, mind you, so the presence of 11 adults and 6 small children felt increasingly crowded. But I loved every second of it.

I looked around at where we’ve all landed—working, raising children, owning homes, building lives with both new and long-term loves. It’s far from the days of sleepovers and troublemaking. But the joy of it all, made even greater by sharing it with friends you adore, is just as abundant.

It’s funny how life changes, and how it changes you. I used to wonder how I’d ever manage to live to see a day without a curfew. And then I did (and it didn’t matter, because I wanted to go to bed by 10 anyway). I used to think I’d never survive the stress and complexity of college. And then I did (and even went back for more!). I used to wonder how I could ever love something more than a packed social calendar. And then I did (quiet nights at home top my list). I once thought I’d just never find someone to love me and marry me and raise kids with me. And then I did (and I still can’t believe it some days).  

And I used to think it would be nearly impossible to grow old with the friends you had in high school. And then I did (well, I’m working on it).

These girls are my heart. I couldn’t imagine anyone better to have by my side.
{Old photo - 2 new babies added since then!}

(Just a note that this is not to say I don’t feel the same way about other friendships, some that go back to even before high school; that’s just another post in and of itself.)

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