Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (kind of)

I've never actually participated in Wordless Wednesday before. But today I am crazy B-U-S-Y so I figured, why not? Except I'm breaking the rules and including a few words.

Here's a sneak peak at our engagement photos:

When we first got them I was hyper-critical of the outfit I chose and thought I looked like I could be with-child in some of the photos. But upon closer inspection I realized I was being overly sensitive and the vast majority of them are actually pretty great. (And the ones that aren't great have nothing to do with the photographer. He did a great job all around - I just didn't love my drunk-looking eyes or Sean's fake smile in a few of them. But that's why they take so many, because they can't all turn out perfect! So huge thanks to our photog Michael - we can't wait for him to shoot our big day!)

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