Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful - Part I

This week I’m focusing on giving thanks. Cliché I know, but so completely and overwhelmingly appropriate.

Things have been a bit crazy lately. Unfortunately, it’s meant that I started to lose sight of the simple pleasures that kept me sane – like writing in this blog. And I’m determined to change that. Without those things—the ones that keep me grounded and focused and happy—I get too wrapped up in the chaos. And chaos is not what I want to center my life around.

So here I am. Trying to get back on the wagon. And what a great week to start, since thinking about what I’m thankful for gives me an abundance of things to write about.

Today I’ll just share one. I’m thankful for my job. It feels almost petty and vain, but it really is important. And today I really need to remember that.

I love my job (most of time at least). I wouldn’t be doing it for 5+ years if I didn’t. But with the latest happenings around here, it’s been pretty dismal around there. A lot of us are struggling. We’re happy we didn’t lose our jobs, but feeling awful “survivor’s guilt” for even thinking about feeling that way. We miss our friends. We miss business-as-usual. It’s kind of ugly, actually.

But like I told someone today, I still love the people I work with—it just so happens there’s a hell-of-a-lot less of them now. So I’m thankful. Thankful to have the opportunity to keep doing something I enjoy. Thankful to wade through these muddy waters with coworkers I respect. Thankful—and let’s just be blunt here—to still have a paycheck.

It’s funny how much we can rely on a job. It’s our livelihood. For some it’s nothing more than a place of employment, a time card. But for most of us, it’s almost always something we’re doing for someone or something else (in the best and worst ways). So the CEO can make his millions. So students have a place to grow and learn. So our families can thrive. So we can put our talents to use. So we can challenge ourselves. So we can feel like in some way, we’re making a difference.

So for that—the opportunity to keep doing those things through better and worse—I'm thankful.

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