Thursday, January 19, 2012

Getting things done!

For some reason, the start of a new year brought a wave of motivation to my life. Let me re-phrase that. It brought a wave of wedding-planning motivation to my life. Lord knows I could use some motivation in other areas of my life these days.


Maybe it’s because 2012 means that the wedding is this year, or that 5 months sounds more imminent than 6. I’m not sure, but what whatever it was, it worked!   

I flew into action and found myself checking more and more off of my to-do list. Meet with the caterer to wrap up our contract? Complete. Ties for the boys? Got just what we were looking for, affrodably, too. Rehearsal confirmed? Done. Dream veil? Found it. Florist? Booked, with bonus points for it including everything needed for centerpieces, too. Double check. 

With only a handful of “big” items left on the list (and more than a handful of smaller ones), I’m starting to get a bit excited—but anxious, too.  

See, I love to-do lists. I make one almost every day. It keeps me focused and on track with everything I need to get done in a timely fashion, at work especially.

But I have a problem with outstanding items. Drives. Me. Crazy. I hate the feeling of something looming over my head like a rain cloud. It might be because I don’t have everything I need to finish it, or it’s just too far in the future to actually work on now. Sometimes I think it can be that I don’t have enough to do right now, causing me to focus on what’s coming up instead.  Regardless of the cause, I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s not so much that I’m feeling stressed about it (surprisingly, it all feels really under control). It’s more about being excited and wishing time would go a little faster. I’m not usually a proponent of wishing time away—life is too short as it is—but I’m breaking the rules a little bit in this case. I don’t think living in a cold weather state during winter helps the situation in any way, because it only makes the longing for spring even more intense.

But in the meantime, I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do. (If nothing else, Pinterest will keep me occupied for hours on end, that's for sure.) Perhaps I’m forgetting something. Won’t that be fun? A last-minute project at the eleventh hour. I can see it now.

But really, June will be here before we know it. More specifically, June 24 will be here and it mean it's all over. And I'm sure I’ll look back and curse myself for putting down in writing that I ever wished time would move faster. So go ahead, tell me I'm crazy and to settle down.

Live in the moment. I’m trying here, I promise!

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