Monday, January 23, 2012

House cleaning weekend

For most people, an evening of deep cleaning the house would rarely trump a dinner and movie date. But in our house on Saturday, it did. And I have to say, I was pretty pleased about it.

We had planned to grab a bite to eat and see a movie, but as the afternoon faded, we were losing our motivation. I could tell Sean wasn’t terribly excited about seeing a movie, so I assured him it was fine if he’d rather stay in.

And that’s when he proposed the idea of giving the house a thorough, deep clean. (A guy who’d rather clean than go out on a cold winter’s night? I told you he’s a keeper!)

I love a good nighttime cleaning session (nothing better than waking up to a clean house). And I had so much to do Sunday that it would be tough to fit the cleaning in, too. So I agreed. And what a great decision it was.

We emptied drawers. We scrubbed the cupboards. We moved furniture. We swept under the bed (a chore I seriously need to do more often, gross). We even cleaned out the drain under the bathroom sink (Ok, so that was ALL Sean – and the guy deserves an award for that nasty job).

By 10:00 the house was sparkling, a surprisingly pleasant mixture of ammonia and pine-scented candle wafting from room to room. And we were spent. Even the dog—who did nothing more than watch us empty drawers from the comfort of his new favorite sleeping spot, the laundry basket—slept like a rock.

And just as I anticipated, we woke up just as pleased with our efforts as the night before. Plus, it allowed me plenty of time for my Sunday activities. I finished laundry, did the grocery shopping, went shopping with Sean's mom to find her (gorgeous!) dress for the wedding (followed by pedicures), baked banana bread, and went out to dinner. Whew!

We’ve vowed to try and keep the house in such fine form this time. If you must know, I’m not always the tidiest person in the world. I love a clean house but don’t always practice what I preach. So this time we’re both going to make an extra effort. I really could get used to the sense of calm that comes along with orderly surroundings.

And I’m happy to report that it’s Monday morning and we haven’t failed at our resolution yet. This is major progress for us, people!

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  1. Yay for a clean house - and a man who suggests cleaning it! It really is an awesome feeling to get it all DONE, so satisfying!