Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That time when 5:00 snuck up on me

I swear to you it was a matter of minutes ago that I arrived at work, packed my lunch away in the freezer, munched on dry cheerios while checking my email. Only—that was 9 hours ago. And today, I’m not sure where those 9 hours went.

I went to a seminar with some co-workers for the first half of the day. While I spent most of the morning shifting side to side to relieve the pain from sitting so long, it was interesting stuff and went by fairly quickly. Before I knew it, I was back at my desk catching up on a morning’s worth of work that I now had to get done in an afternoon (on top of an afternoon’s worth of work—‘cause that’s how it works, right?).

With a couple meetings and a red hot project that had to get out the door by 4:00 on the dot, my time was quickly eaten up to the very last second.

Sean called to inform me that my best friend was home sick from work today. I already knew that—she texted me this morning—but how did he know, I wondered. It was on Facebook, he said.

And then it hit me—I hadn’t been on Facebook ALL DAY. Trust me, I assure you I’m not one to spend endless hours of the work day on Facebook. But I can admit to dropping in from time-to-time to see what’s going on (a few minutes here and there is all, I promise).

So it made me realize that I may love Facebook a little more than I should. Who really cares if I’m paying attention to the latest status updates or photos or survey results? I think it’s time to chill out. My 1-day sabbatical was surprisingly bearable, and pleasant.

But then again, the seminar I was at this morning did talk about the importance of being on social media. So I kind of have to, right? (Although, I think he was talking more to us as marketers and less as individual Facebook stalkers). Excuses, excuses!

Am I the only one who’s become a little too dependent on Facebook (or other favorite time-killing websites like, ahem, Pinterest maybe)?

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