Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday ideas - Part 2

Last week I shared some (mostly) wedding-themed items I’ve had my eye on lately.

Just so you know I’m not completely consumed by the impending nuptials, there are a few other things I’ve got in mind as potential birthday gifts.

Blog redesign

Try as I might, I just don’t think I’ll ever learn the ins-and-outs of blog design. The few, very small things I am capable of just aren’t cutting it. So I threw out the idea to Sean—what about a blog redesign for my birthday?? His reaction: “A what??” ::Sigh:: Well, it was an idea. I’m just SO ready for something that looks a little more put together than what I’ve got going on these days. (Anyone have someone to recommend?)

Spring outerwear
I tried this coat on over the weekend and fell in love. I’ve always been a fan of yellow but can never quite pull it off. Surprisingly, this one didn’t look too terrible. I love the idea of a bright spring coat. It’d certainly be different than the blacks and neutral tones I tend to stick to most often. Even better? It’s less than $40 at F21. I almost bought it on the spot, but decided to at least think about it a little while longer to make sure it’s a “must have.”

And since spring is getting a little ahead of myself…

I tried these on this weekend, too. They’re nothing special, but I’m digging the color (rhubarb) and they seem pretty warm. I talked myself out of the purchase because I don’t really need them. But I live in Minnesota—a girl can never have too many mittens, right??

Heart rate monitor
I’ve wanted to get one of these for a while. I think I can get so much more from my workouts if I get a better idea of how hard I’m working (or how hard I’m not working). There are so many options out there I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I hear Polar ones are great. Anyone have any other recommendations?
So there you have it. See, I can think outside the box. What have you been eyeing lately – I’d love to hear what other fun things are out there that I should check out!

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