Monday, February 6, 2012

Winterfest 2012

A couple summers ago a good friend of ours invited us and several other friends up to his family’s cabin for the weekend. Instantly a tradition was born.

This weekend, we extended that tradition a little further. We finally took a winter version of the trip—something we’ve been talking about doing since our first summer there. We were lucky enough to have a great turnout (14 adults and 1 baby), mild temps (mid-30s), and even some wintery surroundings (since we’re not used to seeing snow around home these days).

We spent countless hours laughing, playing games, making food (our friends' famous chicken wings especially) and watching bits and pieces of some classic movies (Hook and Top Gun? Awesome!). Have you heard of the Logo board game? It’s all about popular brands and consumer culture. We abandoned the formal rules of the game and spent hours sitting around the living room reading from the cards and fighting each other for the right answers. Competitiveness—especially when it comes to pop culture—runs rampant in this group, so this was an especially entertaining way to pass the time.

It was also Winterfest, a series of activities and events throughout the small northwoods town. So on Saturday we bundled up and made the rounds to several local establishments. Each place had a different soup you could try out (in your commerative mug, of course). Most places also had an activity going on, like car and snowmobile races on the lake, vintage snowmobiles on display, and even helicopter rides (we chose not to do the helicopter rides; my nerves thanked me).

As it almost always does, Sunday arrived way too soon. Before we knew it, we were back in the car and making the trek home. It was the perfect escape from winter boredom—and a great time to get away from routine and re-energize for a few days.

Already looking forward to summer-fest 3.0 – just 6 short months away!


  1. Is that your baby??! Shes adorable!!! You have a lovely blog by the way (:

  2. Thank you for stopping by!

    The baby isn't mine - I wish she were! It's actually my best friend's baby (she's the one in the photo with me holding her). My fiance loves her to pieces (he's the one holding her in the other photo) - makes me excited for our own babies some day!