Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Choosing groosmen gifts

Sean and I feel incredibly blessed to have several close friends and family members stand up with us on our wedding day. With 6  bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side, plus 2 personal attendants and 2 ushers, we’re going to have quite the party.

The time, money, and support they’re giving us by being part of our wedding does not go unnoticed. So that’s why we want to find just the right gifts for each of them.

Quite honestly, the girls are easy. I can think of a dozen things I’d like to get each of them. (Unfortunately our budget doesn’t allow for a dozen things each, but at least we have lots of options).

But when it comes to the guys, we’re just at a loss. Part of their gift will be the ties that we picked out for the wedding day. But let’s face it, that’s kind of boring. I’ve been racking by brain trying to come up with ideas for them and I seem to be getting nowhere.

Two of our groomsmen (brothers) aren’t yet 21, so that rules out things like a flask or beer mug (at least for those two; we could always do it for the others). While I’m sure they’d appreciate it, maybe even more than the older guys, I imagine it’d be frowned upon by our parents.

There are a lot of common suggestions out there:
·         Pocket knife
·         Personalized cuff links (except none of these guys are the cuff-link type)
·         Shaving bag/kit
·         Golf balls
·         Money clip
·         Beer mugs/flasks

The criteria I’m trying to follow are simple—it needs to be reasonably priced and something they’d actually use and appreciate. Personalization is fine, as long as it’s personalized to them, not to our wedding date (because let’s face it, they’re just not going to get much use out of something that bears our names and wedding date).

So here’s where I need your help. Any other creative ideas? Any strong feelings about any items on the list above? What did you do for wedding party gifts (or maybe received as being part of a wedding party)? I’m just feeling stuck…and it’s something we need to take care of soon.  Any and all thoughts are welcome!


  1. We gave our groomsmen books suited to their personalities. For the bike-rider, a book about the Tour de France. For an outdoors-y type, a "survival" book. And so on...

    Then inside each one, Tim wrote a little something for them, plus a thanks for their involvement, etc. The guys really seemed to like it! Plus it worked for all ages (16-32!) and was something that all of them could use. Let's face it, not everyone likes money clips, and cuff links are probably only going to be used that day ;)

  2. we gave our groomsmen really nice, glass beer mugs engraved with their initials. they all seemed to like them, and i know they use them. but i do like the idea of keeping their personalities in mind. for example, my husband is a police officer and got a special engraved pen for a groomsman gift once... it didn't seem like a big deal to me, but he LOVED it. i guess it was some special law enforcement thing.